fredag den 26. marts 2010

Jabra Halo Bluetooth headset & Windows 7 on Lenovo T60

A long time ago I bought, an Jabra Halo Bluetooth headset, which I wanted to use for my PC.

In the beginning, as I was using Vista 64 bit, I had no problem, but when I switched to Windows 7 64-bit, I could suddenly no longer use the headset. Hmm, "I thought to myself"; go to Lenovo's website
to find Bluetooth drivers for my ThinkPad T60 with operating system Windows 7. But hey, there was no driver.

After a long search on the web, I found, I wasn’t the only one, who had the problem,
and none of the solution I found helped me, so I began to investigate the matter a little.
It turns out, that IBM / Lenovo is not completely updated with themselves.
Now why do I say that? Well, if you fill the search features on Lenovo's website and inform that your operating system is Windows 7, no drivers for "Bluetooth with Enhanced Data Rate Software II."

will appear, but you take a direct link to this

The information for the driver will tell you that the following driver fits the following types:

  • Edge 13, 14, 15
  • Edge E30, E40, E50
  • L410, L510
  • Reserve Edition
  • R60, R60e, R61, R61e, R61i
  • R400, R500
  • SL300, SL400, SL400c, SL410, SL500, SL500c, SL510
  • T60, T60p, T61, T61p
  • T400, T400s, T410, T410i, T410s, T410si
  • T500, T510, T510i
  • W500, W510
  • W700, W700ds, W701, W701ds
  • X60, X60s, X60 Tablet, X61, X61s, X61 Tablet
  • X100e, X200, X200s, X200 Tablet
  • X201, X201i, X201s, X201 Tablet, X300(*1), X301
Hmm wow here’s my type shown T60, so why don’t this show in the list of drivers for an T60 with Windows 7?, this is because Windows 7 online driver database holds this version, and when you look in the device manager, you will see that Microsoft already has installed the driver for the device.

But the only thing is, that none of my Bluetooth devices would be installed correctly with this version. (Version as linked above)
Any IT pro will know this; never trust drivers directly from Microsoft Driver Database,
the best thing to do, is to go to your vendors website, and find the driver there, but in this case, this was not just so.

Ok, so heres what I did:

I downloaded this file (Version released: 2009/12/11):

Installed it, which actually is the same version Microsoft first installed.
But this just won’t work. I guess they did something with the version
So I downgraded the version to downloaded from here:

And wouldn’t you know it, it worked.
What I really hate, is that IBM / Lenovo doesn’t link to older version. So I had to Google for it...
Here’s some additional information about version
Models supported:

  • ThinkPad R400
  • ThinkPad R500
  • ThinkPad T400
  • ThinkPad T500
  • ThinkPad W500
  • ThinkPad W700, W700ds
  • ThinkPad X200, X200s, X200 Tablet
  • ThinkPad X300(*1), X301
  • ThinkPad SL300
  • ThinkPad SL400
  • ThinkPad SL500
  • ThinkPad R60(*1), R60e(*1)
  • ThinkPad R61(*1), R61e(*1), R61i(*1)
  • ThinkPad T60(*1), T60p(*1), T61(*1), T61p(*1)
  • ThinkPad X60(*1), X60s(*1), X60 Tablet(*1)
  • ThinkPad X61(*1), X61s(*1), X61 Tablet(*1)
  • ThinkPad Z60m(*1), Z60t(*1)
  • ThinkPad Z61e(*1), Z61m(*1), Z61p(*1), Z61t(*1)
  • ThinkPad Reserve Edition(*1)